Reviews for "FFF: Twilight"


It was dark and ominous, it continued the story well, and the characters were portrayed as they should have been. Can't wait for the next one. YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!

This is one of your best ones.

I would say this is one of your best Movies!
I liked the battle at the start of the movie

Great !!

I have never played the FF-series, but seeing your flash movies makes me wanna go right to the store and buy them all!! Your movies are GREAT! Fucking A!!
Keep it up!

that was nice

it must have been very hard to move Red the XIII, how long did it take? oh and the movie? it was long, alot of dialoge, and cool. And obviously, it would have been even Harder to move both Vincet and Red in detail in a battle to the death. A true Vison of LIGHT vrs. DARK



but im forever on VINCENTS side!!!! HE's SO COOOOL!!!!!!!!

VINCENT VALENTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!