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Reviews for "FFF: Twilight"

What a wonderful, wonderful thing!!!

This entire series rocks!! Oh my gosh why haven't these seen the Top 50?? These should be sent off to Squaresoft and be made into official games!! Holy cow that was cool!!!

SplashKhat responds:

Actually most of the movies have been in the top 50. one of em was even in the top 10 for awhile. When i first put them on newgrounds i expect the worst of reviews. yet each time thus far ive been suprised that its been liked as much as they have. the movies still all hold their place with 3.5+ scores. its just that there is so many great things newgrounds has to offer that they cant all be in the spotlight.


This was great, amazing, though it was a tad upsetting that Vincent was a bad guy, he's one of my favorite characters..and I would think he would stay on the good side for Lucrecia's sake. But it's amazing graphics, and the Berserk music...I love that touch. I recognised the music as soon as it came on. Berserk is DEFINITLY my favorite anime. Right above Hellsing.

what is your problem

every one of my favorite characters is dying or about to. I liked RedXIII, and Vincent will die because he's bad. If you ever include Quina from FFIX and kill him, I might run to my room sobbing (yes I like Quina)

By far my favorite

Great graphics and wicked dialouge. This is by far my favorite in the whole series. And if it weren't for you, I would have never seen what Chaos looks like... If that is Chaos.. I'm pretty sure it would be Chaos.

Vincent is the coolest, but poor red 13 =(

Vincent kicks ass and everything but you know, Red 13 is awsome too. I think its fine anyway becuase i did want vincent to win anyway but, still =l.