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Reviews for "FFF: Twilight"

This is one of your best ones.

I would say this is one of your best Movies!
I liked the battle at the start of the movie


Im a FF7 fan, and i really enjoyed this. The whole series is extremely cool. Keep up the good work SplashKhat!


nice 3d nice very nice it must of tooken forever to make why wasnt the fighting scenes like head on why were they like that? no.1 animator to me :) Xill~


Oh my god!!!!! This is the BEST movie I've ever seen on newgrounds! The graphics are soooo awsome!!! You are the BEST animater that I've seen so far. I'm only new on the final fantasy thing, but this is really good! IF there was a rating, like 200, or somin', I would put that on for the overall!!! U rock! ( Oh and I suggest u do some InuYasha movies too!)

It was ok

Nothing more to say....not my kind of movie and fighting.