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Reviews for "Stickman Adventures"


Good, you've got the flash movement down, but its stupid how you can just walk towards the other thing and then die. Now make a longer game, with an objective.


need alot of work like ur stickman it is porly made and ur enamines and ur hills but nice try

Ummmm... yeah

In all honesty, its not that good. Lacks story line, no physics what-so-ever, un animated enemies, and the song you used for the back ground (although i like ed edd n eddy as well) was too short, so any longer play would get monotonus and boring. However, on a positve note, this wasent nearly as bad as some of the crap that others do for thier first flash. Refine your skills with the above hints and hopefully we'll be able to see one of the games that make NG great.


Actually pretty fun, I love the higg hills and steep slopes of your landscape, it makes for a very fun unique set of levels, also the yoyo is a funny attack. You may want to spend a bit more time on the drawings though, both of the enemies and the main character, don't be afraid to go non stick, because you will only have to animate a few actual frames, since they will bee looped for his action. Oh and Great choice of music too.

Graphics were horrible.

The graphics were horrible and the code was glitchy (jumping and mountain climbing). Also you should improve the Hit test with the bad guys.

But I still protect it because I think it was charming and it put a smile on my face.