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Reviews for "Stickman Adventures"

bad just a bad platformer

it had problems likw when i died the music doubled and thats when i ended insti death and n ocheckpoints makes it even worse and the music got on my nervs fast

ummm ok.....

that was ok i mean too short and really to easy. you gotta start some were and i think you have potential. next time, make it longer and a little harder maybe.

im not going 2 be an asshole!

ill give u a 10 just cuz im very nice!
but realy a 8/10

too lazy...

If your going to use the Ed,Edd&Eddy music atleast dont have them say there names! Cut it so they dont say anything and loop it.might as well did this with a Edd sprite.I mean you preaty much made a stick Edd.
Also you can slide by holding space,and the yo-yo is a bit to slow.
It also needs atleast 2 more levles.

Too simple and boring.

Make it a little challenging, like moving the bad guys and stuff.