Reviews for "Zero Suit Samus Pinup Commission"

looks about right for the actual zero suit but the actual samus if you've actually played it was Metroid

and she's like a twe' lek greenish skin look up the classic Metroid game you'll learn fast.

Sabtastic responds:

Are you talking about the Samus with green hair + reddish-pink suit? I've never seen a Samus with greenish skin.
ANYWAY not that it matters, but I'm referencing the more modern games in this pinup. She's changed a lot over the years so I can't capture every single version of her. P:

Thanks for the comment either way!

You're fantastic sabtastic!

Could you tell me what you mean with 'traditionally'. Actually done "traditionally on paper' or taking more traditional steps of drawing and editing digitally? (not to be snide or nuthin, could've fooled me with scetchy/painty looking photoshop brushes, can't tell for sure)
Cause if it's 'paper/canvas traditional' i'd really like to know what you used to color it. And how many solid shades of blue you used on the suit. Cuz it looks about as roughly done to not make it too complicated to do, but still smooth and convincing too stay true to whatever material that suit is supposed to be.

Sabtastic responds:

It's all markers!
I used mostly copics for colour and steadtler pigment liner pens for the inks. The paper is just a thick card stock. I find smooth paper with no texture lends itself much better for blending and doesn't soak up ink quickly. Gives you time to push around pigment and blend hues together.

To answer your question, I used at least 6 different blues (including the purple looking highlights).

Thanks for the questions!

You gave her the right feet apparel.

Sabtastic responds:

Haha did I?
I really like her Super Smash Bros outfit but I don't like the boots, so I left them out. P: