Reviews for "Zero Suit Samus Pinup Commission"

Its very sexy, besides that I like the lining, shading is decent.

Finally some ink on paper.

You're fantastic sabtastic!

Very Good! :)

Sabtastic responds:

AW thanks! :)

looks about right for the actual zero suit but the actual samus if you've actually played it was Metroid

and she's like a twe' lek greenish skin look up the classic Metroid game you'll learn fast.

Sabtastic responds:

Are you talking about the Samus with green hair + reddish-pink suit? I've never seen a Samus with greenish skin.
ANYWAY not that it matters, but I'm referencing the more modern games in this pinup. She's changed a lot over the years so I can't capture every single version of her. P:

Thanks for the comment either way!