Reviews for "When Mario met Miyamoto"

lol haha

very original... chef as dk waitress as the woman.. or princess whatever is her name.. and mario as mario. but no hammers. xD

jackbliss responds:

Heh heh... yeah no hammers lol. Thanks for the great review! :-D


This is a really good Idea but I think this italian audio was taken from somewere

jackbliss responds:

Yeah my friend gave it to me. He got it from his cousin, who got it from someone else. I really don't know from where yet :-(

Not so much jokes but a nice animation.

I dont know much of the jokes expect for the "gay" chef. The animation was good but not the best. I think u can do better but you still get a 10 for the animation. Keep up the good work!!!

jackbliss responds:

Not so much in the review but a nice score lol. Seriously thanks a lot man! Happy New Year btw :-)

Dont get it!

How can this be from '83 if the mario's are charted in order from 81-08 you said this wasnt edited or modified. And it wasnt even THAT funny.

jackbliss responds:

WOW! Hey thanks man! Merry Christmas to you too X-D


Well made movie. The Italian accent is well done, the jokes are genuinely funny, and the whole satirical sequence with Miyamoto watching as the chef throws the wine keg is inspired. I really enjoyed this Flash.

That being said, there are a few blips.

Firstly, Donkey Kong was released in 1981, but this movie claims to be from '83. No biggy, just fix it in the next version of the movie. Only mentioned it because the lack of continuity destroyed any suspension of disbelief, and made the whole joke a little less funny.

Secondly, I'd really like for there to be a credit scene that lists the authors of the other two songs in the flick, just out of a desire for integrity since you do list the one you recorded :P. Everyone knows the first one of course (The Baja Men) but the second (Chariots of Fire I think?) is more obscure and deserves a credit listing. (along with yourself and anyone who helped animate, of course!)

All in all, though, after watching your hit-and-miss career with comedy (Dangerous Dave, anyone :P), I'm really pleased to see this movie. Excellent work!

jackbliss responds:

Hi Dogbreath! Nice to see one of my friends from Dosgames Forum review this movie. Anywayz overall I am very glad you liked it :-)

It's true Donkey Kong was released in 1981 and not 1983. I think I'll change that in my next update. And about the credits well... I guess I was in a bit of a rush and excited to get this thing finished and uploaded here by New Year. But really that's no excuse. You'll notice I didn't even put my own name in the movie lol. I will be adding the audio credits here soon.

And yes... I think you and the people from Dosgames Forums have been wonderful supporters and informidable critques to my humble works over the years which have helped improve not only my game movies but my art in general. Also I think you really got me interested in moving from GIF animations to FLASH and now I have a real job in the animation industry and able to support my family and my dreams :-)

So making you guys laugh means more to me than making the whole world laugh really and I hope I will continue to entertain you for the years to come....

your friend

Santhosh CHRiS