Reviews for "When Mario met Miyamoto"


A nice parody on how Miyamoto got his start. I liked the part where Miyamoto saw his future in Mario games. But the best thing about this flash was when people saw how big Mario was, and when they mistook him for saying bad things when he wasn't. But for the truth, Mario was inspired by Miyamoto's landlord. He was Itailan, had a moustache, and had the name of Mario.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks! Yes I read the story about how Miyamoto was inspired by his Italian landlord too. I wonder if there's a pic of him somewhere lol.

Very nice!

I enjoyed it alot, and I laughed at how Mario walked. I got only one question. Can you tell me the name of the song, when Mario was dodging the barrel?
And at the end was very funny! "Italian man in Malta Hotel? Are you crazy? Get out!!"
Keep up the good work dude!

jackbliss responds:

Ha ha yeah! Glad you liked the last part. "Italian man in Malta??? What? You crazy??? GET OUT!!" I just added it at the very last minute for fun. The Mario walk was just too funny to make! I laughed everytime I tested the movie while making it lol.

Btw the name of the song you asked for is "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis.


the whole thing was so funny!^.^

jackbliss responds:

Thanks! ^.^

War crazed people will love this.

This must inspire who has inspire Legend of Miyamoto becuase they both hide a truth behind the idea of Mario and Donkey Kong somehow. Tell me why the worlds most popular video game character is a fat plumber, it makes no sense.

Sulute the soldiers who go to war and die in a bloody frenzy.

jackbliss responds:

How about I 'sulute' bad reviewers like you who make 'no sense' at all when they review a movie.


This was pretty funny,I like how you didn't koopa-troopa jokes, or mario being on drugs (Although I do admit my first movie i made was bout' that, i havent posted it on NG tho). Characters are have funny desing(e.i, mario being huge) and animation is decent. However the way Mario walked was weird, it kinda shifted legs in a really akward maner, other that that, AWESOME! 9/10 5/5

jackbliss responds:

Thanks! I made Mario walk like that on purpose as I thought it would make him look funnier and out of place from the rest of the normal folks. And hey you should submit your works here too man. It's fun! Don't be shy now :-)