Reviews for "When Mario met Miyamoto"

The Origin of a Legend...

I knew it all along!

It was funny, and the animation was great as well.

jackbliss responds:

Thanks. Your score was plenty and your review was great as well ;-)


i walk up to a store and i ask for two peices of toast they only give me one
i walk up to a store and they give me a knife and a fork, hey i want a fork, everybody has a fork son of a bitch

jackbliss responds:

Lol... thanks! :-)


Absolutely humorous!Great puns!

jackbliss responds:

Thanks! And you've got great buns... no pun intended! ;-)

Haha! That's so funny! :DDDDDDDD

Great job, man! I liked the "piss in plate" joke most. Keep it up! Btw, what's the second song? (The one often used in slow motion?)

jackbliss responds:

It's "Chariots of Fire" It's been mentioned in the credits. Thanks for the great review ;-)


You Crack Me UP ! XD

jackbliss responds:

Glad to be of service my good man. Thanks for paying me back by giving me a cracking good review :-)