Reviews for "When Mario met Miyamoto"


thanks i needed a laughf after watching "back to the start mario".

jackbliss responds:

Ya that's exactly why I made this movie because so many people were sad after 'Back to the Start Mario' and sent me worried emails. Thanks for the great review!! :D

goofy but hilarious!

this is the goofiest mario parody i've seen but is one of the funniest. great job! espicially with the funny voice.

jackbliss responds:

Lol thanks. I'm a bit goofy myself so some of my works strongly reflects on that. XD


This is hilarious, good job,man!

jackbliss responds:

Merci beaucoup monsieur... and thanks too X-D

An instant classic

true or not? don't know, nor do i care! nice job u desuve this 10! (wish i could give it an 11)

jackbliss responds:

Most of it is true... cept the parts which I made up... which is all of it YOW!! Thanks for the review. Cheers! :-D


I tell the waitress i wanna two pieces of toast
she brings me only one piece
i tell her I WANT TWO PIECE!! (I want to piss)
She says go to the toilet!
I say You don't understand? I wanna two piece on my plate!
She says You better not piss on the plate, you son of a bitch!

jackbliss responds:

Hee hee... thanks for the review ;-)