Reviews for "Why???"

i bet you cant watch this movie without laughing

this is one of the funniest movies ever concieved keep it up!

Rating: 4.0(Mediocre)

If you have good taste then the guy's getting off to the crappy, repetitive movie is laughable, but if you're not sure then you won't get it. The artwork isn't bad and the voice acting is good, but the parody seemed a bit generic to me. How about if the guy gives it a 5 and the movie ends up getting blammed?

+ Good voice acting
+ Computer smashing is funny
- The joke is hard to get
- Somewhat generic


But it rocked nonetheless. You said idiotic behavior, and you weren't kidding. Fabulous though, loved the face bashing.

Uhhhh.... this was interresting

well it was short and well it had a bit of humor. its not the next bug thing , but well you can do better than that.

Pure brilliance!

This is fucking great, I love this.