Reviews for "Japanology"

Great theme and composition. I would have uploaded this under "House", though :p

For purposes of theme - u get a 5 - but for purposes of this being energy filled trance u get a 4 - normally I would give a huge review - but I think this is all for now.

One thing I noticed right away is that sometimes you have the string instrument play a blast (for a lack of better words) of multiple notes, when you do this it almost throws the whole beat off, but then somehow catches its balance and keeps going.

That's not to say that you shouldn't try technical stuff, you do some good work of that in here. Just for that one thing try not to jam too many notes together in one spot.

The song is really beautiful and I like it, but that one thing kinda does it in for me.
Hopefully this helps : )
Keep up the good work!


Awesome use of the string sound there! Very moving piece!
1:30 the whistle when it came in made the song beautiful, nice work guys!

- EzMa -

Our young grasshopper sets out on his epic quest!!! Awesome song!!