Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"


It's good and I like it, but it has too little direction.
maybe you need to add in a little less to throw people off so more people could solve it, but it is up to you.
Good work, confusing as it is!


What do you do when you finished?
i finished and they just sit on the roof and point at stars!
all i can do is click the moon!!

very fun but...

i can find out two things i know how to get save a life and death but how do you find love?


These click and play games

Yes these click and play games are always fun I like the detail and the whole plot is great and it does get harder as you get more into it nice style here and I get a good vibe from the game you bring out some nice adventure and good detail so nice effort here this is one of those games you should ad some medals too as it's a fun game with much needed medals to make it that much fun but anyways nice game you have here

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