Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"

Amazing... But the guy won't wake up!!! :(

Please, someone tell me how to wake up the guy! I got to the end, the people are at the café, and I have the rodent in the window! :(


PLEASE make another!

Gahh, it's frustratingly hard XD

Ugh, I completed it. Took about an hour or more just to complete it. This was challenging and it really got my mind thinking and this point and click puzzle game really needs lots of trial and error. I noticed that the house and coffee machine are kind of useless as well. Oh, and what are we supposed to do at the scene after completing it? Just a bonus level or something?

Well, here's a walkthrough for those of you who are wondering how to complete it. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO SPOIL YOUR GAME. DO NOT READ.

First, click on the mole beside the right tree until it's right above the Steam lever. Click on the lever, then click on the mole. Now click on the NUTS machine at the top-left corner of the building. Click on the elevator at the top floor. Click on the left phone on the first floor.
The ambulance will then make its way. Then click on the right cloud until it strikes the house and brings the fire engine. Click on the left tree to bring the animal to the right tree. When the fire engine reaches, click on the fire engine, and that will send the animal flying into the vent. Next, click on the thing on the top-right (Don't know what that's called :P). That'll make the guy in specs walk out of the room.
Click on the vent on the second floor, then click on the elevator. (I'm gonna stop typing click from now on.) Elevator on the first floor. Nurse goes up to third floor. Patient at the right of the third floor. While nurse is going to use the defribulators, click on the switch beside the broom. Elevator.
Concentrate on the two at the second floor. When the one on the right is taking the brown jug, click on him. At the same time, click on the toilet. Doctor with the blue mask. Elevator. When doctor with the blue mask reaches x-ray room, click on the purple medikit inside the x-ray room.
Right phone on first floor. Click on the pipe at the top floor as soon as the guy has an exclamation mark above his head. Guy with blue cap will hang on ledge. Click on the other guy. While he's trying to save him. Click on the cloud. Voila!

If it doesn't work, check your timings and everything. Enjoy :)

McSpazz responds:

Congrats dude. I appreciate you taking the time to figure it all out. Yeah, the last screen is just a bonus, the nurse and doctor on their first date. Also, there's a bonus clickable or two there. Thanks for playing!

Very Cool

This is probably one of the deepest point-and-click games I've ever played, and the most difficult. My one problem, the reason I gave a 9, is that it gets frustrating having to start open the menu and start over every time I messed up. A button in the corner would be nice, or maybe even a button that cycles back your clicks, like a backspace key on a keyboard (although I'm not sure if that's possible). Other than that, a great game.


good but hard someone help please?