Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"


One of the most beautiful and meaningful games I've ever played. I may cry.


the challenges are a bit hard, but that's it! all else is pure awesome! the game flows smoothly and the concept is very nice! it's like playing god :P

You need to...

Let the guy with glasses watch T,V, for a second so he'll drop his snack, then let the squirrel in the window. Then wake the coffee guy up, let him up the elevator and then do the rest.


i love it make more

1. Click on the elevator near the woman.
2. Then she will go up, click the grandma.
3. Then med. sis. will go to her, press the lever that located underground.
4. Grandma will die.
5. Click on the elevator near the woman.
6. She will go to the room at 3rd floor and cry.
1. Click on the guy that holds cofee.
2. Click on the toilet.
3. Click on the medic that is staying near the cofee ( he have green mask ).
4. Click the elevator near him.
1. Press the telephone which located at the left.
2. Press the right cloud 3 times.
3. Press the left tree.
4. Press on the Nuts Machine.
5. Click elevator.
6. Wait till geek will go and sit to watch TV, then click on the antenna.
7. Click on the window on second floor.
8. The sleeping guy will be scared by the animal and will go to the cofee room.
9. Click on the elevator
10. Click on the med-kit that located on 4th floor.
11. Click on the elevator.
1. Press on the mole to get him to the steam.
2. Click the steam.
3. Click the mole to get him stuck up the steam lever.]
4. Click on the telephone on the right.
5. Then the pilot will "hug the air", click on the pipe.
6. Click the cloud.
7. Click the guy.