Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"

Gahh, it's frustratingly hard XD

Ugh, I completed it. Took about an hour or more just to complete it. This was challenging and it really got my mind thinking and this point and click puzzle game really needs lots of trial and error. I noticed that the house and coffee machine are kind of useless as well. Oh, and what are we supposed to do at the scene after completing it? Just a bonus level or something?

Well, here's a walkthrough for those of you who are wondering how to complete it. IF YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO SPOIL YOUR GAME. DO NOT READ.

First, click on the mole beside the right tree until it's right above the Steam lever. Click on the lever, then click on the mole. Now click on the NUTS machine at the top-left corner of the building. Click on the elevator at the top floor. Click on the left phone on the first floor.
The ambulance will then make its way. Then click on the right cloud until it strikes the house and brings the fire engine. Click on the left tree to bring the animal to the right tree. When the fire engine reaches, click on the fire engine, and that will send the animal flying into the vent. Next, click on the thing on the top-right (Don't know what that's called :P). That'll make the guy in specs walk out of the room.
Click on the vent on the second floor, then click on the elevator. (I'm gonna stop typing click from now on.) Elevator on the first floor. Nurse goes up to third floor. Patient at the right of the third floor. While nurse is going to use the defribulators, click on the switch beside the broom. Elevator.
Concentrate on the two at the second floor. When the one on the right is taking the brown jug, click on him. At the same time, click on the toilet. Doctor with the blue mask. Elevator. When doctor with the blue mask reaches x-ray room, click on the purple medikit inside the x-ray room.
Right phone on first floor. Click on the pipe at the top floor as soon as the guy has an exclamation mark above his head. Guy with blue cap will hang on ledge. Click on the other guy. While he's trying to save him. Click on the cloud. Voila!

If it doesn't work, check your timings and everything. Enjoy :)

McSpazz responds:

Congrats dude. I appreciate you taking the time to figure it all out. Yeah, the last screen is just a bonus, the nurse and doctor on their first date. Also, there's a bonus clickable or two there. Thanks for playing!

Great Concept.

interesting way to kill a half hour.
was a lot of fun. I like the simplicity you were going for with the graphics but I think there are more pleasing ways to do simple.
also there are some odd things that bug me like when characters just disapear off stage. It takes away from the scene itself.

Two things I'd like to see you work on as an artist is the style and the balance.
Just advice, in no way do I mean to take away from the fact that this is a very interesting puzzle.
Now here is the solution as I have it so far. (still can't figure out the sleeping cafe worker.)
First get the mole just before the steam switch, turn it on and then click the mole again to jam the steam switch.
Then call the ambulance, when it arrives click the cloud on the right three times to make it strike the house in the background. With the ambulance there the firetruck will park on the lawn and get it's ladder stuck in the tree.
click the tree on the left and when the squirrel is in the tree on the right click the firetruck and it will fling the squirrel into the second floor air duct.
then click the tv antenna on the roof.
on the first floor open the elevator for the nurse
on the second floor wait for the coffee guy to grab the coffee pot, click him and them immediatly click the bathroom door below him to distract the janitor.
when the coffe guy runs, click the surgeon he was talking to and he will walk to the elevator.
open the elevator for him and he will go into the surgery ward on the top floor.
click the woman on the right side of the third floor and cause her to go into shock
as soon as the nurse picks up the defibulators click the switch in the basement to shut off the power. This will cause the woman to die and the nurse will walk towards the elevator. Open the elevator and she will go to the fourth floor and cry in the supply closet.
Now click the medkit in the surgery ward next to the Doctor and he will walk to the elevator. Let him into the elevator and he will find the nurse in the supply closet and comfort her, they will both now walk to the cafe.
now to SAVE A LIFE
on the first floor click the switch on the right to call the helicopter.
when the guy in the blue cap starts walking twards the jumper click the pipe and it will release steam causing him to trip and hang off the edge.
to save him click the jumper and he will attempt to pull him up but be unable to, but if you click the cloud near the building as he pulls it will blow the man with the cap back onto the roof and they will walk off together.
Now so far that is all I know.
I cannot figure out how to wake up the man sleeping in the lounge and I don't understand the point of making the man with the glasses on the top floor drink the soda and run to the bathroom.

McSpazz responds:

Thanks for the review. I agree that there are different ways to do simple, and truth be told, i felt that it came out a little too rigid, but i'll live with it. Also, since most characters are important, taking them off screen felt like a good way to help suggest you've made a mistake.

You're very close to solving it. The key is the squirrel in the tree, the fire engine, and the dude wearing glasses. Good Luck, and thanks again for the review!


This is really impressive the whole game is really good I can really tell you worked hard on this. It also needs a walkthrough. This is so front page material! Anyway great game!

McSpazz responds:

Thanks, dude. I'll post a walkthrough as soon as someone solves it on their own. How's that? :)

WOAH hard...good ;)

I love how challeging this is!!!

Although a guide would be helpful because I dont think anyone has gotten all 3 yet...or at least anyone whos reviewed...

Heck so far all I know is that you can kill/save the woman on the second floor and that I can get the jumper to commit suicide or to let the guy trying to save him hang on a ledge where I cant find anything to do...I can also get this squirrel to freak the shit out of this guy so he goes to work and...sits next to something that squirts out some sort of juices =S

Damn now I'm just confused...because I can also get the doctor to just leave the scene but I dont know WHY he leaves the scene or if I still need him because supposedly (according to another review) the nurse and surgeon hook up...And then theres the steam like why the hell did I put the mole on the switch I couldnt find out what the steam does...And then theres the electric switch that cuts the power but it doesnt matter because I cant see anything that happens incept the guy movess away from his box thingy once and then theres even MORE confusion with why the hell you can turn this houses lights on and off....

ARRRGGHHH I'M GOING MAD...still not gonna stop trying

Just wanted to let you know that how simple the graphics are kind of helps with the peacfeul vibe its somehoe gives off...I love this game, nuf said ;)

McSpazz responds:

It sounds like you a progressing through this game just like I'd hoped. Think about how the nurse saves the patient on the second floor, and what that switch in the basement does... Thanks for playing!

love it!

i really need a walkthrough: it's way too hard! i got the surgeon and nurse outside the door, but what now? Good job, and i cant wait for more!

McSpazz responds:

The dude on the couch has the key--you'll need to look outside for a way to wake him up.