Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"


One of the most beautiful and meaningful games I've ever played. I may cry.


plz some one help i did every thing its just the cafe worker wont wake up i tryed to click on the window the animal thing just pops up he wont wake up!!! help

Really helpfull gfx1978 but...

Number 4 does not work, why?

Great little game + WALKTHRU

I actually took the plunge and joined just so I could comment on this and also write a walkthru. I was really stuck for a while and couldn't find one, but then I figured it all out muahahhaa so I thought I'd post one.

First the game: I am judging this game according to it's genre/plot which I think it did great... Which means HEY! Great game! :)

Graphics are reasonable, but more importantly they feel "right" for this game. Even though the characters are stick figures they are very expressive and manage to convey the mood set of this game eloquently. Love the channels on the TV :) Kudos for that. Some things did cause confusion though which is what brought down the score from a full 10 points...

Which brings us to the gameplay. This is a puzzler which means you are supposed to click stuff, see what happens and figure out how to use the resulting effect. This is perfectly fine, but some of the stuff didn't make any sense until the characters put it in context - which would make it less of a puzzler and more of dumb luck trial and error. Luckily the things that were "undefinable" where not interactive even though they were an integral part of the plot...

1) Had it not been for the hints letting us know that the sleeping man was a the café manager I would have never understood that the "something that squirts out some sort of juices" (as mentioned by Kelysa below) was the coffee machine in the café. I would have referred to it as brown sludge until I noticed the coffee bean on what I thought was an arcade game :-)
2) The room with all the presents lol, is actually a medical supplies cabinet? SPOILER ALERT: The surgeon runs out of something contained in one of those present boxes and heads for more in that supply room.
3) I'd still like to know what the hell the janitor is fiddling with in cellar... fusebox?

Like I said before though, this doesn't bring down the gameplay just makes you go "huh - so that's what it was!"

WALKTHRU: You have to do some things before you do others so here is one way of doing it.

1) Push the GOPHER 3 times (until he is above the steam switch), throw the STEAM SWITCH and quickly push the gopher so he jams the switch.

2) Give the guy next to the vending machine some NUTS and let him ride the ELEVATOR. Destroy the ANTENNA on the roof so he leaves.

3) Read this one through before you do it as the timing is crucial. Call the helicopter (click on the receptionists RIGHT PHONE). As the pilot sees the jumper and starts heading towards him you have to blind him with STEAM by clicking on the little exhaust PIPE on the roof just as the exclamation mark (!) by the pilot goes away. He winds up on the ledge instead of the jumper. Push the LEFT CLOUD to get a helping gust of wind as you click the JUMPER to help him up. You just saved a guy. Woohoo!

4) Call an AMBULANCE (the receptionist's LEFT PHONE). Now press the right CLOUD until it shoots a bolt of lighting and burns down a house which calls forth a fire engine... After it has parked next to the ambulance, shake the left TREE so that the squirrel jumps over to the right tree (with the fire ladder in the foliage). Now send away the FIRE ENGINE by clicking on it.

4) Push the WINDOW where the rodent flew in and it will wake up the café worker. Let him ride the ELEVATOR to work.

5) TICKLE the chatty guy by the nurse/surgeon when he is pouring coffee from the pot. Now quickly press the TOILET DOOR so the cleanup janitor is occupied and the nurse is staring at the mess. Click the NURSE/SURGEON so he/she goes towards the elevator. Let her ride the ELEVATOR.

6) Click the ground floor ELEVATOR so the FEMALE NURSE can get to her patients. This next part needs some timing Give the LONE PATIENT some heart problems =) and when the nurse comes over to juice the patient with the paddles - throw the MAINS SWITCH in the cellar to cut the electricity (which of course kills the patient). YES! - you've acieved death!

7) Let the sad nurse ride the ELEVATOR. Click THE PRESENT/BOX next to the surgeon.... Sit back and watch the sweet show =) YAY!


i finaly figured it out took me a while tho gr8 game man keep it up