Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"

Amazing... But the guy won't wake up!!! :(

Please, someone tell me how to wake up the guy! I got to the end, the people are at the café, and I have the rodent in the window! :(


sorry but this a fucking...game it`s awesome


To be honest, it took me forever to finish the game. If it wasn't for the reviews that gave great insights and walkthroughs to complete it, I wouldn't be able to fully appreciate this game as a whole.

I love this simply because of its surprisingly simple concept , yet it's complex at the same time. It's not your usual point and click game. The animation is simple even if you did just stick figures, and it was smooth, clear, and very detailed. It's hard though, that I must admit; you have do a lot of trial and error and sometimes a little luck to figure it out.

Nonetheless, this is a great game. It's says how our life are woven with chances (hence serendipity), and how events and people in our lives appear coincidental, but actually are connected and related to one another.

I really hope you make more stuff like this. It's a good game when you're tired of playing those popular, same-old-story games over and over again.

It was good.

It took me about... nine or ten tries to finally beat it.

That makes it worthwhile, in my opinion. Games you beat in two seconds get boring in two seconds.

Good great greatafyingly great

BUT you did Too much trying to catch us off that was the UN-greatafyingly part but It was great....I have a new word to hate.....