Reviews for "Serendipity in 2D"

You need to...

Let the guy with glasses watch T,V, for a second so he'll drop his snack, then let the squirrel in the window. Then wake the coffee guy up, let him up the elevator and then do the rest.


who likes halo 3 lol [random]


the challenges are a bit hard, but that's it! all else is pure awesome! the game flows smoothly and the concept is very nice! it's like playing god :P


good but hard someone help please?

Very Cool

This is probably one of the deepest point-and-click games I've ever played, and the most difficult. My one problem, the reason I gave a 9, is that it gets frustrating having to start open the menu and start over every time I messed up. A button in the corner would be nice, or maybe even a button that cycles back your clicks, like a backspace key on a keyboard (although I'm not sure if that's possible). Other than that, a great game.