Reviews for "Frustration: Xmas"

I loved the others...

I loved the other frustration games, so logically I loved this one :D

First Review

Amazing. Very hard to complete, But i won with 132 mistakes xD

First review btw :3


I have NEVER seen a maze game like this. I've always tended to look down on the whole maze genre because, lets be honest, 90% of them are spam/crap, but this... this is interesting. I like it. Incrediblefreakingawesomejob.



the graphics in the most part were horrible, the characters werent bad they were pretty good, but the actuall levels looked like they were drawn up pretty quickly. Buuut I think maybe that overly simple look helps this game. It was really really fun! All the levels were fun and largely varied from the last level.

Overall, great job, it was very fun, I played through the whole thing.

cool game

Really like your idea of combining xmas with this nice minigames :-). Good Game.