Reviews for "Frustration: Xmas"

I guess I have to give this game credit for being quite challenging. I had no idea it would escalate like that. It was quite weird to have to collect all of those decorations just to advance. The graphics were okay. All in all, it was a mediocre game. It just wasn't something I would recommend.

The music is pretty good. You could have put in some sound effects. It just looks a tad shoddy. You could maybe use some shading. Happy, uh, very belated Christmas!

cool game

Really like your idea of combining xmas with this nice minigames :-). Good Game.

Interesting but could use work

It's a good idea
but it could use some revision
the gift stage is tough by the way

I like the idea of having mini games but still keeping thee mouse maze theme pretty much the whole time


the graphics in the most part were horrible, the characters werent bad they were pretty good, but the actuall levels looked like they were drawn up pretty quickly. Buuut I think maybe that overly simple look helps this game. It was really really fun! All the levels were fun and largely varied from the last level.

Overall, great job, it was very fun, I played through the whole thing.


This requires some thought. Thanks!