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Reviews for "Luigi's Confession"

Heh, I liked it!

Unexpected! And the outtakes were good too

wow he is very weak lol but...

one fireflower, one feather, one star, and one 1-up mushroom equals 1 badass mutha@#$%a...great job i wish this flash good luck in hopes of being saved and not blammed i hope you reply. :D btw: im adding both you and your flash to my favs.

hrechkaness responds:

thank you there bud and to your luck the flash passed judgement and with flying colours apparently! lol glad you liked it thx for the review

the power up

is really funny lol

hrechkaness responds:

lol thx i tried to make everything as anticlimatic as i could thx for the review

that was great!!!

This was funny ass hell lol was thinking it was short but the outtakes were great!!! rateing.....11/10


That was so epic...

Such a great twist. Luigi got pwned. :D