Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

no way

way too hard...10/10 for sure

A bit chaotic

Your polt and game is interesting. But a few improvement should be made. Some gaps are so small that Guy got flatteded a whole lot of time in the same part. Some how, several of your obstacle blended so well to the background so much that it kills me making me thinking it was a bug. And I like your idea of the 2 player avaliable along with possible obstacle for 1 player mode. But nontherless if you played it 1 player, it feels very chaotic.

boss game dude

i DO NOT suggest playing this high, good game tho

Very creative :)

I like it :)

Hedeghog And Fox
Guy - Sonic
Love Interest - Amy Or Tails
Angoinst - Metal Sonic
Peter - ME!