Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

Excelent game but i hated 3 of the levels that are before the last home they were really hard i lose my head on those 3

specially the boss because when i beat her i die for no reason, the boss is not that hard but is annoying when you die for no reason after you beat her
i love the game even though i was really mad at the end and i love the art style i wish i could draw like you i mean is not perfect but i wish anyways i could draw like that (perfect is not always the best)

4.5/5, just fix that bug after beating the 3 boss battle because is really annoying

You should put some medal on this game , its so fun.

Hedeghog And Fox
Guy - Sonic
Love Interest - Amy Or Tails
Angoinst - Metal Sonic
Peter - ME!


Great game! Where can I find the music for the first level? It's one of the best BGMs I've ever heard in a flash game.

Marvelous game.

Summary says it all.

Sequel please?

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