Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

good job

Good graphics, good try on the story line, challenging game play. Frustrating at times especially the last scroll er level. It took me forever but i beat it, top score baby!

Original, glitchy

In stage seven I keep getting stuck at the portal, this reallybrings your score down, it was also frustrating at times, little things like an oversensitive check on if guy is being crushed were really annoying. Sometimes it felt like I jad to make exact moves to finish a level and that was jusy annoying, some of the levels were fun, but others were too frustrating. The concept was original and the animation was good.

TaroNuke responds:

I just fixed that glitch, refresh and itll be fine.

It was awesome

However, I got the same glitch Aprildog did.. especially after killing the lock&cage boss, I kept getting a bug when I ended the lvl.


Personally, i didnt get a single glitch in the whole game so i dont know what any of you were talking about, i found controlling 2 charectors at the same time challenging, but still fun.

Great Game!

It's good but...

Your glitches ruin the entire game...Almost all the running away time, whenever you reach the goal with the ghost and the person, it just makes inf. (goal sounds) and just gets stuck. The enemy's machine stop moving, you stop moving (except the ghost) You have to commit suicide and do the whole stupid thing again.

If you move to fast up with the ghost well...somehow you fall off it. (Not a glitch)

Make it so there is something after you, but like others, you control the screen.