Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

really kool

definetly a fun platfromer

So much fun!

Love the concept, it's a lot of fun to play :) The ghost-assist using the mouse is a really neat little twist.


Great game i enjoy it :D and the same time love it!!! ;D more of this game plzzz ;D

Great idea, good gamplay, sometimes frustrating

Good game, the idea was pretty original and well-executed. Made for allot of fun gameplay, but sometimes also frustrating parts.

I wish I was cross-eyed so I could play this better.

Great Game

I really liked in, nice little story line, awesome cut scenes, the last scroll level was tough and instead of it being skill based, it was more of a trail and error, some of the little pathways were almost impossible to notice behind the force field type thing which was rather anoying, but doable none the less. Might want to improve on how Guy lands on Buddy's head, quite a few times I jumped with guy, to simply fall right through Buddy while holding mouse click down. Otherwise a fantastic game, I really liked the music too, gave a nice 'hardcore' feel ;) Heheh
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