Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

I had a touchpad...

I therefore hate you with every fiber of my being. I had to just stop at stage 9... which I'm impressed that I got to.

Lair of Flash

I really enjoy the concept of ambixious games, even if that means it's far more challenging (you are literally doing two things at once), but the issue is that due to limitation of mouse following and keyboard, it makes a very frustration experience- in this case, I have to very carefulyl decide which key to press first , otherwise I cannot jump to the right or left (I ended up mostly with pressing W first before pressing D or A). As for the mouse, I am forced to move it slowly, since the ghost have a difficult time of following the actual pointer, especially when it's carrying Guy- none more appearent in Lv 3.

Kind of like Lair of PS3, actually- good in concept but bad in control, which mar the entire game

Still, I will give you credit for trying, and the problem is more due to the limitations of Flash; however, it's not entirely Flash's fault, as you can design easier level to compensate the way Flash handle mouse and keyboard.

Speaking of level design, the first stage of lv 3 is difficult to move the mouse, since you place the corridor on the EDGE of the window. Even if I do not carry the guy, the ghost still jump around in the barrier.

Overall, I would say this game is hard no because of nintendo hard, but rather the control is slightly broken. Hope you can either compensate in this version, or on your next one, place Flash's handling of control into account.

TaroNuke responds:

Yes, a lot of games I make are difficult =[
I'll be workin on it, making games easier.

You can use the arrow keys too by the way.


But kinda boring.


painstakingly boring, pointless to play and quite frankly, terrible

TaroNuke responds:

Now that just wasn't very nice,
constructive plz? ^^

Totally unique in a sweet way

Mouse avoidance meets running and jumping platformer in this really unique take on two common themes. I skipped through most of the story scenes, but apparently, you control a dude in love with a ghost using your keyboard, and the ghost using your mouse. The ghost passes right through walls, but gets killed by static barriers, while the dude goes right through static barriers, but is impeded by walls. Each level is sprinkled with coins, some of which only the dude can get, and some of which only the ghost can get. And some both can get, but you get more points if the dude gets them, since that's usually a more difficult task. Couple this basic concept with one more feature: The ghost is needed to pick up and carry the dude through certain obscales, over pits, etc.

The concept and mechanics are great. The game is fun. It's really difficult, too, unless you're good at splitting your brain in half and keeping an eye on two things. Some of the levels are severely frustrating. Seriously, who can run and jump pits with one hand while moving your mouse cursor shaped like a ghost through a really narrow, curvy and zig-zagging strip of screen with the other, all while the screen races forward? I'm probably too old for this. It definitely takes practice. It has some bosses, too, which require you to do some simultaneous things with each character to win. A really fun experience all around.

TaroNuke responds:

That is a very constructive and nice review, we need more reviewers like you.
Thank you ^^