Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

A challenging game, a cool idea.

I like it; the challenge in not only controlling two characters, but keeping both of them alive (one's a ghost, I know) is nicely interesting. It's pretty tough, but I just had to keep playing to see the end (I'm not sure if there was an "ending" or not, I hope there was). The art looks amatuerish, but the gameplay definitely makes up for that.

Control issues.

The game had a cute storyline, nice graphics, and an amazing theme that has been attempted before, but not with such style. My only problem? The control lacked in many areas. The slightest difference in speed while carrying Guy would cause him to fall. Overall though, it was manageable.

Hard as hell, but lots of fun

This game is way too difficult for my tastes, I kept dying at level 3 but overall the concept was fantastic, the music phenomenal, and the game play very addictive. Easy 10/10 rating!!!!


i hate this game, the concept is just to damn intreaging to not play, but you get in the game and its harder then hell. i found myself cursing at my computer after my 15th attempt at level 3. multitasking would be a bonus skill to have for this game. the concept for this game is amazing. the only issues i have with it are
1: the controlles are to loose. it would be much easier/funner if the ghostfallowed ware you went
2: alot of the little "holes" to get past the barriers are on the very edge of the screen making it searously difficult to get past without loosing control, then suddenly getting it back and running into the damn thing. love this game, but im prolly gonna put a fist threw my monoter before the nights over. GOOD JOB!


I'm on level 3 and have been losing quite a lot, but its a great idea and fun, yet hard to play. I like it very much :)