Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"


It's ok, my biggest complaint is that often I die simply because I can't tell the difference between background and forground. Maybe that's just me.

Fuckin' HARD!!!!

But completely awesome and fun!!!!!

Kickass man!


During the "Escape from the Factory" part, my brain was melting. This game is not just a challenge of the mind, but a challenge of reflexes as well. When I die, I have a habit of clicking on my character to continue, but that just kills your character faster. To sum it up, it's part mouse avoider, part platformer, all pulled together in one nice package.

worth the wait

great job. you gain the chad seal of approval


An extremely fun and interesting experiment with just a couple of problems.

First, fix the dropping issue. If the player moves the cursor just a bit too fast, Guy drops... And this happens a LOT. Second, I read you fixed some Static issues in Lava level. Maybe you fixed them a bit too much, as I couldn't see a bloody thing.

Lastly and most importantly, the graphics. They are sloppy and the main characters are generic and unlikable. This even goes on with the names... Guy and Buddy? That's just lazy. Doesn't get better later on though, I'm SURE I've seen the antagonists a dozen times before. You DEFINITLY need a different graphical approach. Take "Meatboy" as a fine example. This is a more personal opinion though.

If you fix these issues, I even see this game become bloody downloadable content for consoles! Great idea, nice gameplay. Lots of points due to cheer originality.