Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

Good game!

but i suck..i need more practice...

Good game

till I got pwn'd by a gear for not hitting the switch on time with the ghost girl XD hahah would've kept on playing. Oh well maybe another time. Anyways it's a good game and I like the creativity and thought put into it. Make another one! XD maybe this time with attacks instead of having to hop on the head of a boss .__.


very creative game, very hard too. Good though!

totally awesome

i like this game, i really like the challenge to it. can be slightly confusing if ur playin it by urself..

It was fun.

Problem... Dude every time i beat the Antagonist on the last part with the shield the ghost just all of a sudden dies. This has happened three times and finally after losing my whole score i beat the last boss. I was hoping to give you a 10 for difficulty and helping my reflexes. Great game. :]