Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"


fun for first level, but boss is to hard, because you cant see whats coming up,


Even tho it says "fixed glitches" in the description, you forgot to remove the "i cannot jump without holding left or right" glitch. ruined the game BUT as i can see what it's supposed to be, i'll pass on negative nancy for now.

Overall fun. Music = fun, game = fun, levels = clever designed and the idea of multitasking like this is refreshing.

Just that godawful control issue ;_;

no way

way too hard...10/10 for sure

Just a couple of things...

You should make the "RESTART LEVEL" buttons WAY bigger. I accidentally restarted the game when I got to the second boss because I hit the "quit and submit highscores" button, which was closer. And there's no way in HELL I'm gonna go through all that again. Otherwise, fun game, but can be confusing most of the time.

Good game but...

What does propagonist and antagonist mean?

TaroNuke responds:

Protagonist means hero/main character.
Antagonist means villain.