Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"


This game had great graphics and loved that u can play 2 players! It was extremely hard but also fun. If u hated this game then u have no sence of challenge.XD

broken final boss

The game was fun while challenging until the final boss. The ghost's lightbeams were fine but to hurt the ghost I had to drop the red guy onto her. The problem was that while I was moving the mouse above her the game would decide that I had moved the mouse too fast and make the guy fall, this became a problem when the ghost was above her but the red guy fell below and now she was firing her lights.

This became worse when the battle progressed because when she got hit her ghost killing aura would jump outwards; killing my ghost if she was blocking the hole in the floor. So I would have to guess when dropping the guy would cause the aura to expand to avoid a cheap death but that meant moving my ghost into the corner when I dropped the guy. This made it much harder to get back to the guy before the boss started attacking and even worse because the majority of the time the guy when dropped, would fall into the expanding hole.

Obviously this meant moving the mouse very quickly to catch the fall guy when the ghost's aura didn't expand but because I was moving the mouse quickly the first problem popped up again and the guy would fall off my mouse. This didn't stop until well after my points dropped to 0 and all fun in the game was gone.

TaroNuke responds:

Okay, taking into account the movement speed thing, would seem to fix the problems of everyone. Thanks for the review.
Will be fixed for the inevitable sequel : D

Awesome game!!

This is a really good game. It is really fun, has a good level of difficulty, and it has a really good storyline.


completed this easy, make it harded next time.

TaroNuke responds:

What? Too easy?


No, I will not make it harder. Nobody can do any of it except you.

cool game

the controls and the levels area make the game a bit too hard sometimes.

TaroNuke responds:

The control issue seems to be the biggest problem.