Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

awesome game

i really like this game and its cool that you can play with 2 peopel

Extremely unforgiving.

The only games that I've seen that are less forgiving than this game are either very old, 8-bit games, or games specifically designed with frustration in mind, such as I Want to be The Guy. I don't even want to make it past the very first boss. Maybe I'm just bad at these kind of games or something, but that shouldn't mean I die all the time.

Here are some ways I could see this game becoming infinitely better:

1) A problem I noticed is that sometimes if you're too hasty to move your mouse at the beginning of a level you might just steamroll Buddy straight into some static. That's a shitty way to lose 1000 points and your time.
2) Speaking of your time, why do I have to restart the level every single time I make a little bitty mistake? At the very least could you make it so I don't have to move my mouse all the way back to the start button? It's so arbitrary. At least just reset the level without me having to do anything.
3) I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but ceiling detection is absolutely retched. If even one pixel of Guy's hair touches a ceiling, not only do you lose 1000 points, but you have to restart the entire level again. On any level where the screen is constantly moving this is just unacceptable.
4) This might not be necessary, but maybe add a little bit of drag time to Buddy. I have an extremely fast mouse and precise movements are difficult for me. Quite a number of flash games are starting to pop up where these kinds of movements are necessary and they really aren't.
5) On the topic of fast mice, if you move the mouse too fast while Guy is on top of Buddy he just falls off. This is OK I guess, but you could at least warn me that this is going to happen. I like to make quick movements with my mouse (for obvious reasons) and this sort of thing is a huge nuisance. Then again I suppose I shouldn't move my mouse too fast lest a fly appear above Guy's head and he gets crushed.

I'd like to mention some things I DID like about the game. The art style was nice, though Buddy's default sprite is a bit strange. They could have more than one frame of idle animation. The concept is also fairly unique, and I'm glad you don't force us to have to pick two players. Also I liked the distinctive colors of Guy and Buddy; it's easy to tell the two apart and it's relatively easy to pick out where either is on the screen at any one time, though sometimes it's easy to lose Guy in your peripheral vision.

I hope you don't discount my review merely because I couldn't even beat a boss stage, but I think that should be enough of a reason to read the review in the first place. If you can fix any of these problems your game will instantly become better. Also sorry for the low score, but I just can't give this game anything higher because I couldn't enjoy all of it.

Like a good amount of people here:

Everything was great until you got to the controls. It was very hard to do certain things. Like escape.


this is so easy my dog could do this!

What I think.

In all honesty, I've seen this done about 351 times, not counting counsel games, now I have no problem with that, it's a cool idea and all, but it has been done a lot better, now I won't say anything about the graphics, I find it funny in a way and I hate people who rag on FLASH games for not looking like they could be the freakin Mona Lisa, but the (And it may just be done as a joke.) Stuff the people say sucks...

Now in the game, in all honesty it's brutal...It's a trail and error game, and I hate games that you need to play over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again to get it right, and you need to do it too, because it's just so hard at times, not to mention the parts where you practically need a buddy to play the buddy, or the ability to look up and down or left and right at the same time...Now I would bare with it and try to like trail and error, but the music that either sounds so much alike through the entire song, or starts over every time you die...I ended up turning off my speakers because it was just so annoying after the thousandth time I heard the same sounds playing over and over again...Apart from that the jumps are a little too stiff, and sometimes the guy doesn't jump off the ghost, falls off the ghost for no reason, and (Yes I'm serious.) My guy fell through the floor...I got stuck at the final boss before I quit...It's a good attempt of a game...But the ends don't justify the means, or whatever.