Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

2 out of 10





Control: -495739726/10

The control was awful. The worst i've ever seen in a game

I did all that for what now?

Beat it. Fun at first, hard and repetitive after the first three levels. And defiantly not worth the crap ending. Oh, wait, there was no ending. Just a bunch of spastic lights and a "got finish!" style screen at the end. I'll give an 8, because I enjoyed the idea, and it WAS fun at first. But the rest was a frustrating time-waster. Also, an ending cinematic would have been nice. Felt like a bunch of build-up to nothingness. I can full heartily applaud you for your level design, though. you seem to have thought things through, although a lot of trial-and-error was required to complete later levels. All-in-all, nice work. But try not to give a game a pointless story if you aren't going to end it with anything but a couple of nameless bad guys dying team rocket style. Other than all of that rubbish, keep up the good work, and a sequel would be quite open if you're up to a little polish.


nice game, my only complain its that lots of times the gray roof blends with the background, with put me in lots of situations of "WTF, I DIED???" also a save implement should be nice.

pretty good but...

great game but might need a few things.

1) lives (one life sucks balls
2) keep the continue/start button in one place even tho its placed in another location.
3)main character damage ( if the ghost dies then you start over? only the main character thats alive should die and make the game start over , even tho we also control the ghost but w/e )

beside that pretty intresting game :)

ps: my critique sucks lol

good idea...

this game was nice
addicting and nice but thats about it

while the levels were creative and fun i never got to grasp what makes this game unique, its pretty much a 2 player game that you tried to make user friendly to 1
while im up for that (and you pulled it off quite nicely) its bothersome to try switching focus from one character to another so quickly and often

im still giving it a high score though because it had my attention while it lasted.
an incredible version would be playing with a smart AI or someone else over the internet, while i now thats basically impossible now you should be thinking about this sort of thing to prepare you for what great games youll make ahead

ps-is the final boss the 3rd stage {cause thats too quick}

TaroNuke responds:

There are 13 stages (counting bosses as stages)

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