Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

too many cheap deaths

Way too damn many cheap deaths in this game, you touch a pixel of anything you die. It reminds me of the NES Silver Surfer game, I just died way too much to really enjoy this game. The stage 9 scrolling level is what made me realize I simply was not enjoying this game.

Great idea, terrible execution

How does such a good game get only 4 stars? And a generous four stars I might add. I'll explain. It's an interesting concept applied in a way that should be fun. Should be.
The fun factor is completely removed by the extreme frustration endured not from difficulty, but from terrible platform boundaries and terrible collision detection.
The guy dies from the slightest bump on his head, and some passages are so narrow as to allow zero room for error. This would be fine, but the actual surface boundary where he should walk is sometimes impossible to gauge.
This isn't just limited to guy. The ghost sometimes has to squeeze through tiny passages, and unless you know where her actual collision point is (which seems to be right at her eyes when she's crouched) you won't get through.

I always hate saying that a game needs to be easier, but the way this one is now, it simply isn't fun. You have to fix the collision detection. Ideally, any point on the character would be considered solid. In that case, some of the passages would have to be widened.
What can I say, I hung in there til the last level, had some fun, but ultimately I have no choice but to give a mediocre review.

That was fun!

It got very difficult very quickly... but it wasn't all that frustrating and I enjoyed it! I thought for sure my final score was going to be a zero, luckifully not! =) First multitasking game I've played that I enjoyed.

Clever idea

And difficult for a single player, which is fine, but there should be some kind of health system instead of one hit means death.

Still really good game, even though I probably won't be beating it.


controls too slippery
couldnt get past boss battle with gray woman
feeling kind of heartless after playing your game
who are these people, and why do I care about them?
have plenty of time to think about this while dying with a score of zero
0/5 & 5/10