Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

This game got me really pissed D:

It took me an hour to get through this game, half of it for the second last mission. [[40 tries and 1 thrown object]]. I'm glad the final final boss fight wasn't tough, or I would have quit.

I wish there was an actual ending to th story though, not the colored circles and stuff. That was the only reason I played through the whole thing D:

Many mixed reviews.

It was a cool game, hard though... but I like the story line... it was so complex and in detail [/sarcasm]

Fun, but so hard.

I love this game first of all. The story is unique, and the characters are bright, and colorful. This game however, was very, very difficult. After the second boss fight, when you're escaping from the base, this is where I stopped. I couldn't do it. I wanted to, but I couldn't. It was always Guy who died though, never Buddy, it's just when Guy hits the ceiling he dies, this makes this challenging to save him from falling when the static is below Buddy, and your limited on catching space. Whenever I get the free time, and will power. I will play this little gem again, and try to beat it so I can how this cool story ends. Keep it up, I know your future games will kick major ass!
~Adam Whaley

Made of Hard and Win

Ever played a little gem called "I Wanna Be The Guy"? While this game isn't quite THAT hard, it's certainly incredibly challenging. Lucky you I like challenging games. :) I very much enjoyed the fast paced story and unique gameplay mechanics.

There were a couple glitches that detracted from the game... namely on the third boss (who is, by the way, MUCH harder than the final boss, might want to do something about that) sometimes the screen flashes and you instantly die after beating her. Happened to me about five times, and was annoying.

Overall, though, while not the best choice for the average "Games are about the magical experience!" gamer, those of us who prefer our games to kick us in the nuts a few times while we desperately struggle for every single checkpoint (Megaman 9? :p ) will enjoy this game.

Waste of 2 hours.

I practically wasted precious time on this game. Listen to the guys below me, make it more EASY. Improvements:
-Difficulty settings
-Slower pace
-Do not add the cheap stuff *For example in level 8, I got into the portal thingie, but the last mine hit my back, and now I'm STILL playing the last level*
-Lesser failure penalty, -1000 points is a lot. I wasted 45000 points on dying in the 8th stage
-Found a glitch in the 7th stage, when she falls on the floor, defeated, you somehow possibly can get hit by a invisible static and you have to start over again. I believe the glitch was in the right side of the screen, but a small bit of it.
-One annoying thing is the force of attraction between the two players. If you are close to Guy with solid Buddy (the square form) he instantly gets on top of her. This made me die more often.
-Give Guy a more grasp on Buddy, because if you go too fast, he falls off, but one the before-level pictures, it shows him going in a fast pace on top of Buddy.
This lowered my winning like 20%.
-The last Antagonist fight was cheap because of the glitch and the static flash when you hit her head almost the last few times.
-You have to keep going when you are finished with the level, just like level 8 last spike near the portal. Never let your guard fall. 10% less winning chance to me.
It was a nice game, *Still playing it* but I recommend you do as some of us say like JovialSpectre or kamao22.