Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"


Meh, the game is so-so, the anti-ghost barriers are VERY annoying and if the human hits pretty much anything he dies, which is VERY annoying as well.

Shadow of the lame end

This game reminded me of all my thoughts on Shadow of the Colossus. Good game, great concept, killer music (in this, not Colossus), but piss poor miserable crap $#!7 f*@& ending. Only, at least Shadow of the Colossus had an ending. The guy goes through all that trouble and what, doesn't get a smooch? The game was very challenging though, I'd love to see more (with closure)

TaroNuke responds:

Hey man, I ran out of time ;D


This is the first difficult game which i really tried to beat, and i did. It's a bit frustrating at some point, but it's totally fun. Made me wish I have two brains. LOL. My only gripe is the ending, since it is the main reason i kept going. Too bad the game failed to give any closure or something. Did Buddy come back to life? Was there a sad funeral event? Overall, it's fun. Good enough for me.


Like others have said the gameplay is good, hard etc.

Only flaw in this game is the awful graphics.

This game got me really pissed D:

It took me an hour to get through this game, half of it for the second last mission. [[40 tries and 1 thrown object]]. I'm glad the final final boss fight wasn't tough, or I would have quit.

I wish there was an actual ending to th story though, not the colored circles and stuff. That was the only reason I played through the whole thing D: