Reviews for "Guy & Buddy"

Brilliant idea

Wow, whole new challenges of controlling two characters at once. A little frustrating with the number of times that I died figuring things out, but overall it was a lot of fun to play.

ya, go get him... or her...

you know, normally. i dont like generic japanese anime games, but i just couldnt stop playing this one! you really outdid yourself this time. the way the game is played is unique and original... and good! i mean, how many games do you know that let you play with the keyboard and the mouse at the same time? GENIUS!


very nice concept and game play although, special items would have been nice for the ghost, and the ability for two players would have really helped since, you either need a split mind to play this or focus on one thing then keep switching back and forth, i also liked the fact it was one of those quick developing stories, where the action would happen fast and the cut-scene would be short and simple easy for anyone to quickly apprehend, although the tide of difficulty was going a bit too fast, in the first level make it commonly easy allowing players to adjust quickly then the next become harder and harder and so on... for all your effort i'm going to give you an 8.
sincerely -mesmorok-


Its a great idea, and a good game, but i just got really pissed at the 3rd level because i kept accidentily moving my ghost into the anti-ghost area.

the final boss is anooying

i tried to hit her many times
then i noticed u hit her 2 tmes then u fALL in the pit
i did noticed after5 times and it was only normal mode which i lost all MYSCORE

TaroNuke responds:

Catch him with the ghost! ;D