Reviews for "Drastic Plastic"

Pretty good game

Nice game, not that hard to get the upgrades either.

Tactic: Stay back, press A+D, move back, and repeat. Or for nubby tourny, press A and D as fast as you can while clicking the down arrow as fast as you can.


Killer K strikes again! Fear my purple and yellow robot of doooooom!!!!!!!!!


nice job. who thought such an oldie good be resurrected.

for those that have troubles

if you are having trouble, when you are against a tough enemy just hit and run, press spacebar then release and press the attack button as soon as you release, right after that before your enemy has any chance to attack you press spacebar quick, this is a nearly obligatory strategy when facing stronger enemies (though you'll still need to upgrade your robot)


didnt lose any health the last match. just stay back. only move forward to punch and the go right back.