Reviews for "Drastic Plastic"


Haha I have to say this was a pretty "UNIQUE" game here with the robots and such, there art was fantastic and there was actaulyy lots of nice detail here on this one, I like the styleish detail and there was lots to do so no changes perday but do make more of this or to this, a nice detailed game here.

No changes it was fantastic.


Really a money dosen't give it to me in first opponent, is this a bug or not because i want to fight the another opponent.

The Machine was too easy....all you do was dodge attack 2x,dodge,attack 3x you do it all over again...too short but awesome

i want new robots to be added when you get alot of money you can get a new robot >_>

Awesome, not too hard if you have a real tactic, brings lots of fun and I can prefer a new game to my friends.