Reviews for "Drastic Plastic"

Nice Game, but not without some problems

A very nice game, with smooth, pleasing graphics and a nice nostalgic feel to it. The controls work well, and its not at all complicated. The "design your robot" screen and the upgrades gave it a very nice RPG feel, and a reason to beat the next boss (to get the upgrade). It had an interesting money system, and the fact that you needed an entrance fee for the fight made things a bit more challenging, and put your money on the line. That being said, it had some problems. It was a bit too easy, because once you figure out the strategy for using blocking, you can win almost any fight, regardless of upgrades. Also, it got kind of boring, because while the bosses got harder and harder, the game play remained exactly the same. All in all, a decent flash, and keep up the good work.


From 2 good artists this one?
Preety good but disapointing

Good Game!

Great game, except the boss battle.
What are you suppossed to just keep hitting without any
notice of how low his health is?


... but the boss was boring...i spent about 30min on this. but i love the upgrades idea ...worked well =)

maybe u should extend this game further ...more competitors :)

this game sucks balls

i will vote it the worst game ever