Reviews for "Drastic Plastic"


There was room for more upgrade paths but I like the concept. I actually managed to beat the final boss with no upgrades just by timing my moves carefully and dodging attacks. Maybe including a difficulty option for so casual gamers and competitive gamers alike can have fun playing the game. Decorating the robot was fun, but one or two more logo choices would be cool. Overall, good game with room to expand.

Cool idea

It was very addicting but a bit too short.


it was fun but short


didnt lose any health the last match. just stay back. only move forward to punch and the go right back.

Another generic compliment!

This game was great! I loved it and it was so simple. IF you plan on making a number 2 just make it the same, 10000x more upgrades and more tournys, maybe a robot plot, some romance, robot boobs... where were we? Oh yeah stay outa beer.