Reviews for "Drastic Plastic"

M literally for mature?

Haha this was like a big bag of memories wrapped in awesome, thank you for making it :D! But I think it's M simply because most kids under the age of 16 won't have ever seen a rock 'em sock 'em bot in their life, so it takes a mature pallet to enjoy!

why was it rated M17

awsome game but it deffinitely could have been E

NIce Game

A bit short but fun while it lasted


it was fun man.....wish it had more levels and cooler upgrades but it mad 20 minutes of my day fly by :) it was kool... but i i agree sixflab you need alot more upgrades and more levels but it really was an addicting little pass time

Good! But annoying bug.

Great game, really, but you didn't get a 10 from me because sometimes the game bugs and I hear the sound at the countdown at the start of each match many times in a row... so annoying. >.< Fix it and we'll talk about it lader!

-PS: Darth Later wants you to go to Dagoblah and get him Imperial Snacks.