Reviews for "Drastic Plastic"

it was fun but...

it was to short. i beat it in about 15min, and for those people who said it was to hard, it was increadibly easy, and theres no need for a tutorial because its a button masher! but anyways realy fun and entertaining!


Good for a quick play but once you obtain level 2 Gloves and Level 2 legs fights are easier than ever especially the last fight when you can easily predict his movement.

On one hand...

It did have great visuals, but there needed to be more going on. Still pretty good.

Not bad!

My laptop sucks, so firefox crashed before I started the second level, but prett simple and fun game. And thx for using my song ^.^!


This game was extremely enjoyable to play and the variety of bots you had to beat was pretty cool although once you were able to beat the Sumo guy easily. Money seemed to just roll into your pocket like crazy and it was super easy to upgrade. Maybe should have lower the Prize money or upped the cost of the final upgrades, but overall this game was a ton of fun.