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Reviews for "RWD: 011 The Lost Episode"

A great music video

Great animation.
Wonderful song.
Downright happy.


I cant say this was your best work but it was good :)

woaw... okay i guess

nice timing and nice FBF as always...
but i just thought "is that it?"
is that all? a short nicely timed animation to Elevator music
i was expect more of you guys. but it was the first animation?
but i guess it is just right to put it in the "spam" genre, what no?
exact .. this is not spam .. more suitable for an easter egg somewhere.
anyway overall nicely done.


Fruity Loops 4 lyfe.

Nice as always

While it wasn't that long, and I wished it could've had more to it, I still have to praise you for this. I just love the idea of taking old scrapped stuff and smushing it together to make something new. The music was impressive and of course, the non sequitor animation made it as usual.