Reviews for "Cubiquity"


This was something that showed us what should be aware of. Let's make it free from politics, but regretfully there were and there are some efforts done in order to completely control people in recent times... While watching, the book of Orwell came to my mind (think you've guessed that I mean 1984 ^^). I hope people will think it over. I have. Sorry for saying it again, but since I'm not a native english-speaker, it was really difficult to understand them, but I'll do my best :D

SilverStitch responds:

Yeah, don't worry too much about dialouge, it isnt very clear for fluent English speakers anyways.
Im glad you enjoied it and drew meaning from it. =)

Terrific work!

As per usual!

It's people like you who make Newgrounds worth coming too!

Thank you for your touching submissions :)

SilverStitch responds:

Thanks, Im really glad you enjoi my works. =)

wow! this is great!

i loved it...it really made me think, about society mostly, and the goverment but also mad me feel good, thnx...

SilverStitch responds:

Glad you feel good~~ =)

nice job

you should make another one

it is awsome

i want to see if the world could be saved i just love it