Reviews for "Cubiquity"


A tad confusing....subtitles would be nice :) Still, awesome creation.

SilverStitch responds:

I was actually going to include subs, but I ran out of time... =(
Thanks~ ^,,^


This was amazing. While I found the voices a trifle distracting, the overall art, story, concept...blew my mind. I agree wholeheartedly with this one. If I could give a higher rating than 10, I would. Awesome.

SilverStitch responds:

Hehe, thanks~
Sorry for the voices. =S

WOW... blew my (Cubes) off.

I think the left side of my brain just jumped out of my head and applauded for your amazing flashes. Though black and white, it goes to show you just how amazing your flashes are. They have a deep meaning that I myself believe, and can sympathize with the rebel cubes because I am different, and am constantly ridiculed for it. an overall masterpiece that should, minus the (hard to listen to) computer voices, be watched by all those "clicky" people who follow trends and try to be like everyone else. don't stop making these, because it would crush my heart to see a great mind be silenced. and in the words of the great Albert Einstein "Great thinkers often meet oppression by mediocre minds."

SilverStitch responds:

Im glad you enjoied it so much.
Never let anyone oppress you, you are your own person, and you can make your own world be whatever you want it to be, so be free~~

i loved the story

the animation was good and the story was interesting. the only problem was the voice thing was kind of annoying.

SilverStitch responds:

Sorry about the voice quality... I began rushing everything so much, and when I had to cut down the script, I didn't have time to re-render voice, so I simply edited what I had.

Quite Nice

I doubt that any cube (correction: human) would understand this animation without creativity and free-thought (what horrific crimes). It must have taken some creativity (I cringe at the thought: emotion?) to come up with. This is good (though illegal: mastermind will surely ban).

SilverStitch responds:

Why thank you.
And I do not fear the Ironfist of the Mastermind!
*Rebellion!* =D