Reviews for "Cubiquity"


it kinda reminded me of star wars lol... still... better than anything i could do

Review for: Cubiquity

This was interesting
The story was well done and the theme of the robots and creativity is really cool.
That was what i liked the most.

The art was simple, but it was ok becaise of the robots concept.
The voices were good because they are robots, but in some parts it was not so clear what they said, specially the controller, but in general i understood almost everyting.

Also the secret features were a nice touch
Well done !


really good

i love this video but its so sad how the cube with the hat dies. and i agree with wig1, th evoices got anoying and were hard to understand.


I heard a lot of half life 2 stuff... The music right? And the siren thing? Both in the chase area.

intressting story

nice idea. I found all secrets by my self.... after reading the hints. XD