Reviews for "Cubiquity"


Nice little animation.
I liked it much.

It was good

This is one is going on my faves and master-of-boobs was right.


I laughed a bit when Tank came in :)
Only 9 because the robot voices were a bit annoying :\
The Controller's voice was a bit hard to understand

Well, i liked it.

I knocked 1 star off because of the robotic voices being just a little hard to understand.
Despite that, i liked this animation of yours very much.
I agree with some other reviews, and others not so much.

@ SlayerJosh : you obviously didnt read the creators comments.
yes, the graphics werent great, but bearing in mind that it was created 2 years ago, and the fact that it was made for an ENGLISH MAJOR, you wouldnt concentrate so much on the graphics.


Is that Half-Life 2 sounds I hear?